Title reading “Hollywood freeway”. LSs of Hollywood Freeway: viewed from overpass, moderate traffic, 1950’s cars High LS of downtown Los Angeles street, light traffic, 1950s cars. Tall buildings in FG, one with RKO-type radio tower . Various LSs of urban park with spouting fountain, tall brick buildings in BG. LS of American flag on tall brick building, trees in FG. LS of street with urban park in FG, brick buildings in BG and 1950s cars in light traffic. LS of city street intersection, no traffic, Parker Building in BGLS. Title reading “Harbor freeway”.2 office buildings in BG, 4 freeways and overpass in FG, moderate traffic LS from overpass down onto three lanes of 1950s freeway traffic Various MSs of 1950s women walking around car parked on street LS 1950s car parked in driveway of house