Shot of top-naked fairgoers at San Francisco’s Folsom St Fair, with zoom in shot of rear end of man who is wearing a chain belt with a pig’s tail in between his buttocks; live band playing in background; shots of leather-clad fairgoers; shot of female dom leading a fully-clad male sub who is drawing a carriage with a masked, corseted woman in it, through the crowd, followed by a female dom guiding a female sub, and then followed by a female sub drawing a carriage with a male dom in leather gear, followed by another female sub with a horsetail; a female dom caresses the buttocks of a bent-over female sub before spanking her in front of a Saint Andrew’s cross; shot different vantage shot of spanking, with female sub lying on a wooden horse while female dom is spanking, punching, and rubbing her buttocks while putting on leather gloves; shot of a group of leather-clad men talking

Not Explicit