Perspective shot of Izmir Clock Tower in Izmir, Turkey; shot of flower bushes in Konak Square, with view of Konak Mosque in distance, and buses and people in foreground; shot of ant crawling across rock with leaf in their jaws; shot of watermelon patches; shot of people fishing and standing on rock’s edge over the beach, with view of umbrellas and hotel in the distance; shot of wasp hovering over a fish head; shot of wasp crawling into hole in the sand; pan shot of people picking cotton; zoom shot of cotton bolls; shot of basket full of harvested cotton bolls and people adding to it; shot of explanatory sign for a shrine and chapel for the blessed Virgin; shot of House of Virgin Mary; perspective shot of walled walkway and tourist walking along; alternate shot of walkway with tree in foreground and hills in distance; alternate shot of basilica

Not Explicit