A series of commercials meant to illustrate the theme of vitality. Eastern Airlines: The Wings of Man. A jogger in sweats, a hoodie and glasses is running clumsily by the water.Pepsi. Montage of people in action: waking up, jogging, pull-ups, exercise bike, jumping rope, riding a bike, Pepsi soda pop bottles, golfing, hailing a taxi, dancing in a sprinkler, Pele the Brazilian soccer player jumping up in the air in front of a large Pepsi logo.Budweiser. A skier with a Budweiser jacket on doing some large aerial jumps, front flips, carving large turns in the snow, she skies into the lodge where her friends are waiting with a beer.CU of hand opening can and foam explodes out the top. Group sitting around a fireplace drinking beer. National Beer. People on a boat or yacht goofing around with beer cans, opening the throw away tab cans.McDonald’s. Group of workers in construction hats playing football. Catching, throwing, tackling and laughing. Then they head to McDonald’s and bite into some burgers.

Not Explicit