A pilot, wearing goggles and a leather jacket, tightens his scarf and reads a piece of paper before taking off into the sky in his biplane (airplane) from a runway. The plane loops, dives, twirls, spins, and does barrel rolls, later leaving a trail of white smoke. Shots of his cockpit are shown, and he flies over trees. In his house, the man works at a desk with a book, pencil, map, and ruler next to a globe. At a bookshelf, the man picks up an old-fashioned Derringer pistol (gun). Other artifacts include Indian tomahawks (axes), a jewel case, ship’s bell, drag line hook, pans for mining gold, a large knife, and strongbox. Outside near mountains, the man works next to an old-fashioned truck with a high frequency detector, electrical energy transmitter, and steel spike. A small electric current is seen on the device. He puts on headphones, pokes the ground, digs a large hole in the dirt, and pulls out a broken corset.

Not Explicit