A garden spider crawls on a web above a bush of leaves. Hands are seen capturing the spider inside a jar and closing the lid. A woman in a room with shelves full of spiders in jars, opens one to release a white spider that crawls up her arm. The women then opens a case and captures another spider in a jar. At a table, she uses a pin tool to place a spider on a shellacked fork, and twirls the fork to spin a web. Different spools of webs are displayed, and an old man with glasses uses tweezers and a microscope to arrange the webs in the shape of a cross hair. Military airplanes are later shown flying in the sky among the clouds. Propellors are shown spinning, and a star is painted on the plane’s side. In the cockpit, the pilot peers through the cross lines of a target to aim. He drops a group of bombs that whistle and explode on the ground in clouds of smoke.

Not Explicit