Navy men line up outside the front door of the Deep Sea Diving School in Washington, D.C. In a class, the sailors sit at desks with notepads as a military captain presents them with a deep sea diving suit and helmet. Students then enter a compression chamber and an instructor closes the hatch and adjusts a gauge. A man draws numbers of specific times outside. A captain looks into a porthole as a man in a divers suit climbs down a ladder into water. Different odometers are shown and the diver ignites a torch underwater. On a deck, a man raises a red flag and another diver gets dressed in lead shoes. A man packs a bag of tools and the diver goes under a boat. Military destroyers and cargo ships are then shown bearing large twin guns. A man yells, “Fire!” and the cannons blast an underwater vessel, causing a large splash. A buoy is shown and a man wearing headphones in a control room uses a typewriter and telegraph. He hands a piece of paper to a man who uses flag signals (semaphore) to communicate to a man on a plane and a man at a watchtower. Men load a plane, which takes off from the water as the propellors spin. The plane lands next to the enemy target, and a diver retrieves a folder bearing a swastika and reads “Deutches Reich.”

Not Explicit