Shows paintings of World War I (WWI) biplanes (airplanes) flying and fighting. This transitions to a shot of an actual biplane and a man painting its wheel. Amidst his collection of old military planes, the man is seen repairing one with a hammer, sitting inside a cockpit, and turning one’s propellor. Next to an army medical truck, the man holds up an x-ray tube and later operates a control panel that belonged to a signal corps. A military ambulance and wagon are displayed, then various artillery units (cannons) are fired, resulting in large blasts of smoke and smoke rings. A group of machine guns are also shown. The man later holds a spiked weapon and a knife with brass knuckles attached. He starts the engine of a tank, pulls the levers inside, and drives and fires it. Men are seen marching in military uniforms of different nations and eras, carrying and firing rifles at a small plane. The collector is seen wearing a captain’s hat at the end.

Not Explicit