A small red flag waves in the wind followed by the sign of an army headquarters. Men are seen working at tables inside, drawing maps using pencils and rulers. Overhead shots of an airport and tanks are shown, then disguised using greenery. The men paint and arrange scale models by comparing them to photographs. On top of a roof, a group of men arrange plants strategically and spray foliage. They also arrange green garlands and build trees for more concealing. Soldiers march in lines wearing army helmets and carrying rifles. A shot of a man wearing a khaki uniform dissolves into a shot of him in a camouflage uniform with a branch of leaves hanging in front of his face. Men crouch at a puddle and rub mud on their faces. A man is then shown slowly emerging from behind a bush in full disguise. Troops emerge from tall grass and fall to the ground to hide once again. Men shoot from cannons and one group appears camouflaged while the other is not. Large puffs of white smoke appear as the guns blast . The men emerge from their positions and run towards the camera.

Not Explicit