East Asian workers in hats are seen carrying containers using their shoulders. Rubber from a tree drips into a small bowl. A woman with a bucket pours the white liquid into another container. American rubber factories are then shown from outside. Large machinery spews out black smoke while a man stand next to a valve. Inside the factory, a man grabs a bag of soap among stacks of other bags. He pours the powder into a a large mixing vat. A man sticks his hand into the liquid and examines it. The rubber travels through belts and machinery as people examine and test it. A woman uses a rolling machine to make rubber tires and a man places pieces through a mold. A group of men transport the finished tires using carts. A military convoy of trucks drives through a town, jungle, river and rugged terrain. A plane is also shown landing and amphibious vehicles emerge on the shore. A jeep bearing an American flag drives on dusty terrain.

Not Explicit