Shows an overhead shot of the jungles of South Pacific islands. Soldiers walk through thick brush and trees. A soldier swats mosquitos with his hand and applies repellent to to his hands and face to protect himself from malaria. Another soldier swats a fly on his neck and pulls out a small DDT pump that he uses to spray pesticides. Another man lying in a small tent activates a DDT bomb to spray insects in his tent. A house in Florida next to large palm trees is shown from outside. A sign reads “U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau off Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Division of Insects Affecting Man and Animal.” Floating hatcheries lay on a body of water and a woman gathers water full of mosquito larvae inside a glass jar. Mosquitoes are then shown hatching inside an aquarium. A bald man in a tie in a laboratory works with a bottle of DDT emulsion. A woman is then shown pouring emulsion into a small tank of larvae, killing them at the surface. A man is shown rubbing emulsion on a soldier’s left arm. The soldier sticks both his arms inside a box of mosquitoes. Many mosquitoes sit on his right arm while barely any go to his left. Back in the South Pacific, soldiers walk inside a water hole covered with leaves and one sprays a tank of insecticides. Two men ride a jeep as a man sprays a cloud of pesticides behind them. A group of soldiers ride an amphibious vehicle to spray the water. Next, military planes fly above a ship and over jungles spraying DDT. Small boats carry soldiers ashore. Troops storm a beach. Planes drop hundreds of paratroopers.

Not Explicit