A variety of machinery and chemistry equipment is shown, as red and blue liquids bubble in glass tubes. A scientist in a white coat mixes a thick white substance in a flask, which becomes a solid white lump of a synthetic rubber-like material. He draws the lump out of the flask and manipulates it. A factory worker pours a thick brown liquid, and the picture transitions to show another worker pulling a synthetic sponge from a shaping machine. He pushes down on the sponge, showing its malleability. Workers are shown in front of large stacks of rectangular synthetic sponges, with one worker shown cutting them into smaller cubes with a machine. Sponges of a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes are shown. A large volume of white powder is poured by a worker, and different machines used in the manufacture of synthetic fabrics are shown. A female worker inspects the threads. Mechanical looms are shown operating at accelerated speeds. Large bolts of colorful synthetic fabrics roll on belts. A worker inspects strands which are to become toothbrush bristles. Bristles are inserted into toothbrush heads by machine. Another white powder is shown, which is to become a sheet of plastic. Machines are shown pressing plastic sheets, and a worker picks up a semi-translucent black sheet. A worker manipulates a cylinder of the plastic substance, showing its durability and flexibility. Two young women are shown in an apartment, using a variety of items made of clear plastic, including a phone, a comb, and hand mirror. One of the women twirls to show off a bathing suite made of synthetic fabric. She dons a hat made of a similar fabric. The two women are shown in formal dresses, the twirl and pose to show off their brightly colored outfits. They smile at the camera.

Not Explicit