The cloudy Mount Rainier in Washington is seen afar with its reflection in the water. Salmon are shown swimming upstream among white birds. The salmon dig small holes in gravel beds, deposit their eggs and cover them. A dead salmon is seen lying on the river’s rocks. The Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River is shown. Fish ladders are seen at Concrete Dam on Baker Lake which a salmon jumps on in order to enter a government trap. Here salmon are lifted by a cable elevator and released through a trap door and shot back into a lake from a tube. At Rock Island Dam, three tank trucks are loaded with water and salmon to be later released back into the water. A group of salmon are then shown being trapped inside nets and one of the fisherman throws one back into the water. A large number of salmon are gathered and lay dead on a platform. A man with a pipe is seen emptying a dead salmon’s eggs into a bucket. Using a cup, the eggs are then washed in trays of soapy water and fertilized. At the troughs and ponds of an egg hatchery, a man throws food into the water. A large group of salmon are seen swimming underwater, then a man releases a hatch to the river. Salmon are seen swimming on the surface as a man sorts through them.

Not Explicit