Shots of cows walking in a circle chained to a wheel, agricultural scientists photograph cows at different stages of growth standing in front of measuring chart. Pigs feeding in pig pen. Older 1940s woman in black dress cuts cranberry seed in half with razor, places cranberry seeds in test tube with cotton sealing the top. CU of test tube, time lapse of seeds sprouting. Three petri dishes full of cranberries, the largest engineered berries in the center. Man waters young soybean plants growing in white plastic buckets. Shot of very tall onions growing in a hothouse or greenhouse, Older male engineer in white lab coat covers onion flower full of flies with cellophane. Man examining turkey eggs under light. Shot of turkey chicks in cages. CU of man holding a white chick and a white and black speckled in either hand. Grown turkeys walking in grass, exterior of agricultural research center.

Not Explicit