A patch bearing the insignia of the Second Air Force is shown, followed by a sign outside of their headquarters. A wall with a picture of Earth, opens in half to reveal a map of Europe, as men in formal military suits converse in front. Military planes are seen on a runway followed by different pins belonging to various Air Force positions. The cockpit of a plane is then shown with two pilots. The landing gear lifts and the plane takes off into the sky. A bombarder is seen practicing with a simulator on the runway. Two men practice navigation with special flight equipment. A flight engineer is then seen working with a propellor engine, while a radio expert adjusts communication equipment. A row of gunners fires machine guns at an empty jeep in a desert field. The wings of a plane are shown, and a gunner is seen firing a machine gun through the window of the plane. A man then watches a film displaying the past gunner’s point of view as he fired. The names of the crew members are arranged on a wall chart. Crew members are seen standing in a line as a high-ranking officer shakes one of their hands. A man is later seen painting a winged elephant on a shiny silver plane, followed by other drawings of a train and bumble bee on different planes. A man is then seen pulling a gas hose, followed by a man passing a belt of ammunition to another. A load of bombs is then seen on the ground in a row as men load them inside a plane. Different types of work clothes are stacked as men begin to dress themselves with the equipment. Later, a man at a board displaying targets is seen teaching to a class of soldiers as a man flips through a folder with images of said targets. A large group of planes are seen on the runway taking off one after another. Cloudy skies are filled with a fleet of planes flying through the sky from different views. Multiple bombs are released from a plane, exploding onto a field of targets with blasts of smoke and fire.

Not Explicit