Scenes from Czechoslovakia in the 1980s (silent). Title "Dark Days Under Communism." Passenger jet taking off into the sunset or sunrise; CU following soldier walking, carrying Kalashnikov assault rifle turning to right and stopping; People leaving plane as two military men look on; Line of riot police w/ bar pushing back crowd; Pan past truck w/ water cannon spraying scattering crowd; Line of riot police marching w/ shields; Neon letters on top of building "* - P - R - A - H;" Pan past moving tank to Russian commercial Aeroflot jet; Russian military men walking by wheels of jet; water cannon truck driving toward scattering crowd followed by riot police; View through car window of army convoy in rain; tracking shot through car window, passing convoy; Car driving on empty highway by modern buildings; man crossing small footbridge to apt. complex; Woman closing large double doors on ext. scene of soldiers w/ trucks; car pulling up & parking in lot; Man exits building, walks through open wooded area; Wenceslas Square w/ St. Wenceslas statue in foreground; Man walking to peace-graffiti wall, putting hands against it; detail of graffiti on wall; Neon letters on top of building "* - P - R - A - H" as men take red star away; CU ext of plane cockpit, pilot sticks hand out window to give "thumbs up;" Figure on large, empty urban open area walking alone; "VB" truck pulling into gated area w/ helmeted riot police; Serious looking man watches as shielded riot police walk by; Crane up over statues on the Charles bridge w/ people walking; crane down over police walking in St. Wenceslas square w/ St. Wenceslas statue in f/g; Dolly w/ army boots standing and walking past portable crowd-control barriers.

Not Explicit